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At Orenstein Solutions, we believe in sharing our knowledge of solution-focused psychology principles in order to promote healthier individuals & happier families.

Our experienced team offers talks to parent groups, schools, businesses, meet up groups, and other community organizations throughout the Triangle.

*To schedule a talk, please contact us at or 919-428-2766 ext. 0. We hope to be an ongoing resource for you and the Triangle community.

Topics For Adults & Couples:

Stop Counting Sheep: Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits
Tired of tossing and turning each night? Good sleep is vital to physical and emotional well-being. In this talk, we’ll cover the biological and psychological forces involved in falling and staying asleep, and you’ll leave with research proven techniques to catch quality z’s.

Emotional Resilience: It’s Never too Early nor too Late to Learn
Why do some of us fare better in the face of adversity? The ability to bounce back after setbacks involves a mindset that you can learn at any age. If you’re stuck in a constant state of stress or anguish, discover strategies for building resilience.

Them’s Fightin’ Words: Things to NEVER say to your Partner
You’ve heard that “communication is key” in relationships, but what’s more important is that communication is constructive. Discover which words can wage war or wedge distance between you and your partner, and which ones can enrich your love life.

Where to Draw the Line: Building Compassionate Boundaries
Do you often feel taken advantage of?  Have a hard time speaking up?  In this workshop, learn why boundaries are essential to your health, and walk away feeling empowered to stand up for yourself without apologizing, over explaining, or feeling guilty.

Topics For Parents:

Who is this Alien Living in My House? A Parent’s Survival Guide to the Teen Years
Developing teens experience many physical and emotional changes that can feel foreign to them, as well as to you, their parent. In this workshop, find out what to expect as your child moves into the teen years, and learn practical tools to embrace and manage the demands of this new period.

Getting off The Rollercoaster: Helping Your Child Manage Emotions
Is your child lashing out, acting physically and/or verbally aggressive, having “meltdowns” and/or engaging in self-destructive behaviors? Learn how to decode your child’s distress and develop strategies for helping him or her more effectively cope with negative feelings.

Helping your ADHD Child or Teen Succeed: Steps to Foster Success
In this presentation, our psychologists discuss the learning challenges children and teens with ADHD face, and provide strategies for creating an ADHD-friendly environment to improve motivation and engaged learning. We will also offer treatment options and community resources.

From Experimentation to Danger Zone: Teens, Drinking and Drugs
Statistics suggest a staggering number of teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Leave this presentation knowing how to recognize early warning signals of a substance abuse problem, and equipped with first steps for intervention so that you can keep your teen safe.

Testimonials from our program attendees:

“Learned tips on how to handle emotions for kids and myself. . . great ideas to take back and use with my child.”  – A.V.

“She covered a lot of information with good examples. . . learned how to help kids find their own solutions; do not rescue them.” – Y.C.

“You did a wonderful job of showing that boundaries don’t have to be harsh or bullish.”

“I love the strategies for building resilience.Susan was very comfortable in sharing.”

“Uplifting. Enjoyed it.”

“Inspiring. Easy to listen to. Got you thinking about yourself.”

“These skills will help enhance relationships, and improve problem solving in several settings and areas.”

“The presenter was very nice and laid back. Their personal examples were helpful and made it feel less hypothetical… very captivating and inspirational in a gentle and loving manner”

“Susan was transparent and real… had a great sense of humor; kept things in perspective.”

“Dr. Orenstein is a great presenter… I learned a few things about my partner that I didn’t know. This will be very helpful when understanding each other and resolving problems.”

“Susan was very personable and approachable.”