As a community service, the clinicians at Orenstein Solutions have presented workshops with themes including parenting, emotional well-being , healthy relationships, overcoming procrastination and resilience. Our clinicians have presented to various organizations including:  

SAS Institute– Glaxo Smith Kline–Duke University Counseling Center–Meredith College–
Friends Yearly Meeting–St. Michael’s Episcopal Church–Durham Academy–Campbell University Law School–Carrboro High School– The Cary Chamber of Commerce–The NC Bar Association–The NC Social Workers Association–Durham Jewish Federation–Chapel Hill High School–Natl. Association of Professional Organizers–The Goddard School–Kindermusik of Cary

What folks are saying . . .

“There was a good mix of group feedback and presentation of knowledge.  She has a calming presence.”

“It was fascinating to have a theory I’m very familiar with married to couples therapy and fleshed out.

“You were very educating and informational.”
Latoya Nelson, LPC

“Outstanding selection of the science and art to love.”
Jennifer Metzger, LCSW

“Very knowledgeable on couple relationship dynamics and amle to verbalize the importance of getting couples to increase their own self-awareness in order to improve their relationship.”

“The students warmed up to Susan very quickly, due to her own warmth and engaging personal style. She was able to involve the students and create group cohesion for students who were meeting for the first time. She was reliable and easy to work with, always maintaining her professionalism.”
-L. A. Stretch, Coordinator of Disability Services, Meredith College

“Dr. Orenstein was the featured speaker for our Yearly Meeting’s first College Day. Her seminar with the parents of our Young Friends was a great success. For weeks after the event I was hearing positive comments about Dr. Orenstein. My only regret is that I did not have her speak for a longer period of time!”
-Lesli Toth, Assistant for Young Adult Ministry, North Carolina Yearly Meeting

“The students’ response to Susan’s presentation was enthusiastic and positive. In these evaluations, the students reported increased confidence in facing their first year of college life. Our students enjoyed Susan’s wealth of information and friendly style. I highly recommend Susan.”
-J. McLeod, Associate Director of Career Services Greensboro College

“Kids my age need all the information they can get to get ready for college. Great idea for an event.”
-Meredith College Student

“I have spoken to many who attended the workshop yesterday and everybody, from the President, to the Dean of Students, to the parents and the girls all said that they really enjoyed it. They thought the information was very
helpful and they really enjoyed the format. Parents of the younger girls said they thought it was good for their daughters to hear all of this now and start thinking about what it was going to be like to go off to college!”
– Allyce Mullen, President Parent Association at St. Mary’s School for Girls

“It provided many helpful ways to manage stress. I liked learning more about how to handle money.
-L.S., Meredith College Student

“I really enjoyed reading and learning about the positive effects of planning ahead different aspects of my day. Learning not to procrastinate and how to prevent it from happening. Also, I liked the different suggestions for relieving stress. That I am sure will come in handy”
-Jennifer G., Greensboro College Student

“Susan is very supportive and knowledgeable.”

“It is easy to listen to the speaker. I learned that there are many strategies to make your life better.”

“Susan was very comfortable in sharing. I love the strategies for building resilience and the ‘reading of the story’ out loud.”

“Uplifting. I enjoyed it!”

“Susan is well-educated, well informed and above all very introspective in her presentation.”

“You gave great explanations and examples and did a wonderful job of showing that boundaries don’t have to be harsh or bull-ish.”

“The presenter was very nice and laid back. Her personal examples were helpful and made it feel less hypothetical.”

“Great leadership and modeling.”

“I learned a lot about the specific actions I can take to improve my relationship.”

“The instructor was engaging, welcoming and open to conversation.”

“Dr. Orenstein is a great presenter and we might look into a few couples sessions with her in the future.”

“I learned a few things about my partner that I didn’t know. This will be very helpful when understanding each other and resolving problems.”

“These skills are very useful in everyday communication.”

“Susan was very real, very courageous and instructive!”