Talking to Teens About Consent: Parent Resources

Talking to Teens About Consent

Ready or not, the massive response to the #metoo movement may have put the topic of consent and sexual misconduct on your teen’s radar. The social media hashtag has now been searched in every single country on Earth according to Google Trends. It’s likely that the difficult stories have also reached your teen through media […]

Healthy Sexual Development Starts Early

Healthy Sexual Development

While browsing social media the other day, I encountered a post addressed to parents of young boys. The post read: “It is terrifying that at any time, any girl can make up any story about any boy that can neither be proved or disproved, and completely ruin a boy’s life.” I immediately imagined the same […]

Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Sowing Seeds for School Success

A student’s academic career is much like a garden, tended to by teachers and parents from kindergarten- a German word literally meaning “garden of children”- through college. As you make plans for the summer, keep in mind that your student’s academic garden will need maintenance, especially since school is out of session. 
To avoid summer […]

Many Types of Love: Discover Your Sun, Lighthouse and Disco Ball

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of what the ancient Greeks called eros or passionate, romantic love. A common critique by those that aren’t coupled this time of the year is that the holiday feels exclusive to those that have romantic love, and alienates those that don’t. Though this sentiment is understandable, an exploration of […]

How To Raise a Creative Child

Is creativity a gift some people are just born with? According to creative and lateral thinking expert and psychologist Edward de Bono, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” He believes that creative, expanded thinking should actually be taught as a subject in schools. He […]

Is Your Teen in an Unhealthy Relationship? Watch For These Signs

Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Something was wrong. Tracey could sense it. She heard a car door slam and knew her daughter was home. The last few evenings, Jill had returned from her dates with Chris looking strained and on edge.  Tracey wasn’t sure the charming boy she’d approved of was as kind-hearted as she once thought. The door opened, […]

94% of Moms are Guilty of This- Are You?

Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Being a mom is undoubtedly rewarding, but Google’s Autocomplete search feature sheds light on the behind-the-scenes struggles many moms also face. Ideally a Google Search of “moms + feel” would generate results centered around love and joy, yet the most popular web activity regarding motherhood suggests prevalent distress . Why? Modern society sends mixed messages […]

Parenting Pressure: How much is too much?

Parenting Pressure - Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Written by our child and family expert, psychologist Dr. Gabriella Johr Every parent worries about his or her child. It is natural and normal to want to protect your child from potential harm and prepare him or her for the best future possible. Most likely, in no other area of your life could you become as […]

Join psychologist, Dr. Johr’s yoga workshop at the Happy Mama Retreat

WHEN: July 12-14 WHERE: Embassy Suites, Brier Creek in Raleigh Saturday, July 13 from 2:30-3:30 Deep Relaxation Yoga with psychologist, Gabriella Johr Come join other Moms for this yoga workshop, where you’ll learn how to reduce stress and manage your mood using movement and breathing techniques. We’re also pleased to announce that Dr. Johr’s husband, […]

The Importance of Team Parenting by Cary psychologist Gabriella Johr

Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

One major stressor in a marriage is parenting.  Couples who work together have more fulfilling family relationships and feel better in general.  This pod casts discusses the reasons why being a team player is so important and how to create a “game plan” with your partner, so that parenting becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. […]


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