Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt for Gratitude

This simple Thanksgiving treasure hunt will help you find gratitude, whether you dread or welcome the holiday. Though many of us may be stressed, grieving the loss of a loved one, or burdened by difficult family dynamics, there’s usually at least one thing we can find in our environment worth appreciating. So, this Thanksgiving, try […]

Savoring: This Simple Exercise Can Enhance Enjoyment and Well-Being

Savoring Summertime

“These are the good old days.”   That’s what my good friend always says when she’s enjoying a moment. It could be when we’re walking our dogs at Umstead park, strolling around downtown Durham, or bicycling through Meadowmont. What I love about the phrase “these are the good old days” is that it doesn’t yearn […]

Many Types of Love: Discover Your Sun, Lighthouse and Disco Ball

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of what the ancient Greeks called eros or passionate, romantic love. A common critique by those that aren’t coupled this time of the year is that the holiday feels exclusive to those that have romantic love, and alienates those that don’t. Though this sentiment is understandable, an exploration of […]

Setting Boundaries this Holiday Season

Holiday Boundaries

This time of the year reminds me of a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The Griswolds are relaxing in their home when the doorbell rings. Each chime grows more daunting as the frame zooms to the door, from which you can hear arguing on the other side. Suddenly, extended family charges in, aggressively pecking cheeks […]

How to K.I.S.S. with Love Notes

When it comes to relationships, sometimes you just need to K.I.S.S. What’s the K.I.S.S. Method? Originally a military design principle meaning “Keep it Simple, Stupid,” the acronym can be adapted to a more polite “keep it simple and sincere.” Why You Should K.I.S.S. in Relationships The entertainment industry spotlights grand gestures as the epitome of romance, so it’s […]

Navigating Differences at Thanksgiving

When you ask Google “how to prepare for Thanksgiving,” the search results suggest countless checklists and timelines for preparing the turkey, cleaning your house and setting the table. And while these guides are certainly helpful in planning the event itself, they often leave the task of actually “enjoying time with family” up to you. That’s where we come […]

For Some, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Can Be Painful

When you think of Mother’s Day and Father’s day, what comes to mind? Do you imagine brunch with Mom, a barbecue with Dad? Perhaps you envision a bouquet of tulips or a nice tie. Or, maybe you’re not such a fan of these family holidays.  The designated days intended to honor motherhood and fatherhood can stir […]

Add “Hygge” to your Holidays

Defrost turkey: check.  Candy the yams: check. Set the table: check. Take a deep breath before the doorbell rings: check. Achieve hygge? To be determined… You know that feeling you get when you smell a bonfire on a crisp autumn day? Or when you curl up with a book and cup of tea while a […]

Break Down Language Barriers to Ease Conflict

Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

You’ve just sat down to dinner when the table buzzes. Your daughter swiftly drops her cell phone into her lap and waits in agony for you to look away so she can quickly respond to a text. “No phones at the table,” you say, for what seems like the 100th time this week. “Fine,” she […]

Grief – How to Help Your Child Cope With The Loss of A Pet

Childhood Anxiety Counseling - Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Scruffy was gone. With an eye on the clock, Carol was dreading the moment their beloved pet’s best friend, Ethan, would come bursting through the door, calling the little dog’s name, ready to cuddle and play. She didn’t want to tell her little boy the truth. That Scruffy hadn’t woken up that morning. He hadn’t […]


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