Behavior Issues: Resources for Parents

For parents of compulsive children and teens, the start of school can be a source of stress and dread. The academic and behavioral demands of the classroom can trigger many young students to be disruptive and defiant, resulting in disciplinary action. Teens may be tempted to skip school, experiment with substances, engage in risky behavior with their […]

ADHD & Digital Overdose by Dr. Susan Orenstein

Common ADHD Myths - Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Sixty years ago, the only electronic stimulus we had involved a three channel television, a table radio, and a large black party line phone sitting in the hallway on a little table. The easiest access to news sat on the porch in the morning, delivered by a youngster riding a brand new Schwinn bike. If […]

5 Ways to Help Manage Anger in your Marriage

There’s a big difference in a marriage between managing and expressing anger, and letting your anger manage you. When the latter happens, you are in danger of hurting someone you truly and lovingly care about. Try these very simple techniques to put yourself in control of your emotions: Calm the situation down: It is okay […]

When Does Anger Become an Anger Management Problem?

Anger Management - Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

This article was first posted on Geralin Thomas’ website, Metropolitan Organizing.  Geralin welcomed Dr. Joel Dillon of Orenstein Solutions in Cary, North Carolina,  to explain what to look for if we suspect that someone (including ourselves) may have anger management issues.  Dr. Dillon specializes in evaluating and treating children, teens and adults with disruptive behaviors […]

Focus on Men: Anger Management

Anger Management - Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NC

Most of us have moments throughout our day that leave us feeling tense, overwhelmed and angry. Is it wrong to feel angry about other drivers getting in our way, children refusing to follow house rules or co-workers not following through on projects? Read this most recent article from Dr. Julia Messer, published in Cary Magazine.


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