Psychological Evaluations

Psycho-Educational Testing

These neuropsychological assessments are conducted for purposes including to inform IEPs, to request testing accommodations (including SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GREs), to determine early Kindergarten entry, and to inform decisions regarding school-student fit. Our assessments meet the state requirements for requesting accomodations in public schools. We will provide you with feedback regarding your child or teen’s learning style (including strengths and weaknesses) and offer suggestions for school accommodations, treatment options, and additional community resources.

Referrals come from parents bringing their children, physicians, counselors, case workers, teachers and individuals who seek diagnostic clarification or a current measure of functioning in conditions already diagnosed.


  • Early Kindergarten Entry Evaluations
  • Giftedness
  • Intelligence testing
  • Developmental delays

Attention and Learning

  • ADHD evaluations for children, teens, and college students
  • ADHD evaluations for adults–shortened version
  • Learning disabilities (including dyslexia, math, and writing disorders)
  • Attention, learning, or memory difficulties related to medical conditions (e.g., seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, brain tumor)

Additional Psychological Evaluations:

Our psychologists are also trained in providing evaluations to physicians, the court system, HR departments, and schools and universities.

  • Risk assessments for violence and suicide
  • Adoption readiness evaluations
  • Juvenile forensic evaluations
  • Disability determination
  • Substance abuse assessments
  • Anger management evaluations
  • Infertility-related evaluations (for egg donors and surrogates)
  • Bariatric evaluations


These comprehensive assessments may take two hours to several days. Some insurance companies provide out-of-network reimbursement if the test relates to a medical or mental health diagnosis. Please call our office at (919) 428-2766 ext. 0 for more details.

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