Early K EntryParents of four year olds may be facing a big decision in just a few months regarding their children’s academic next steps. Most four year olds will be entering their last year of pre-school this fall, however there will be a few four year olds who will begin Kindergarten. Do you know if your child is eligible for early Kindergarten entry? And even if he/she is eligible, is it a good idea? How can you, as a parent, make the best decision for your child?

Is Early Entry the right choice for my child?

If you are considering the possibility of enrolling your child in Kindergarten early, our child psychologists an help walk you through this decision-making process.  Our psychologists are fully licensed, doctoral-level clinicians who specialize in psychological and educational assessments, and give much consideration to a children’s emotional well being and academic success.

How can Orenstein Solutions help?

Spring and Summer is the time when our child psychologists start getting requests from parents about this critical decision. We recognize the need to get to know your child as a person, including his or her personality and cognitive abilities. Our psychologists provide early Kindergarten entry evaluations, including measures of aptitude and early academic skills as well as additional tools to assess your child’s emotional, language and motor development.

What should I expect from an early Kindergarten entry evaluation?

1.  Initial Meeting
Parents will meet with our psychologist to gather background information regarding your child’s developmental, health, and preschool history.

2.  Formal Testing
Our psychologist then meets with your child to conduct the formal testing.  We create a relaxing, fun atmosphere, providing breaks for activities to put your child at ease.

3.  Feedback Session 
Upon the completion of testing, we will schedule a feedback session with parents, providing our impressions about your child’s intellectual and development skills based on our observations as well as the test results. We synthesize all this information in order to help you as a parent make the best decision for your unique child.

4.  Comprehensive Report
We also create and provide you with a comprehensive report that includes your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.

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