I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Orenstein through our PACT Training (Stan Tatkin, Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy). Since our meeting, I have been consistently impressed with Dr. Orenstein’s training, thoughtfulness, and compassion in caring for both her patients and her colleagues. She has truly gone out of her way to welcome me into therapeutic community. Her sensitivity and commitment in providing an integrated therapeutic milieu that supports the care of her patients is highly admirable, and difficult to replicate. I recommend Dr. Orenstein highly.
Peregrine Kavros, Ph.D.

The Hill Center recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Susan Orenstein present at our Community Education Series. Her topic of Examining Difficult Parental Emotions was well received by the attendees. Susan connected with the audience providing useful tips and guidance to help you develop mindfulness and self-compassion skills to better care for yourself and your family. She followed up with resources on self-care and mindfulness practices for those who attended. She engaged the audience and it was a pleasure having her present at our organization. I have worked with Susan over the years and she is always very professional, sincere and sensitive to one’s needs. I think of her practice often as a referral source.
Glynis Hill-Chandler, Assistant Head of School at the Hill Center

Here’s what participants had to say about their experience with Susan Orenstein’s couples workshops (co-led with husband, Rafy Orenstein):

These skills will help enhance relationships, and improve problem-solving in several settings and areas.

The presenters were very nice and laid back.  Their personal examples were helpful and made it feel less hypothetical.

very captivating and inspirational in a gentle and loving manner

The instructors’ style was informal and safe.  The instructors were transparent and real. . . had a great sense of humor; kept things in perspective.

The presenters worked very well together.

Great leadership and modeling.

We liked the people with whom we shared the experience and the instructors’ ability to make it comfortable.

I learned a lot about the specific actions I can take to improve my relationship.

The instructor was engaging, welcoming and open to conversation.

very warm and inviting.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in having a lasting relationship.  Communication and fair “fighting” is key.

Dr. Orenstein is a great presenter and we might look into a few couples sessions with her in the future.

I learned a few things about my partner that I didn’t know.  This will be very helpful when understanding each other and resolving problems.

Susan and her husband were very personable and approachable.

It’s a great way to practice communication and learn how to get to know new details about your partner.

Susan and Rafy’s modeling was very real, very courageous and instructive!  Nice organization of standard tools.