Welcome to the quiz: Does My Teen Need Counseling?

Please note that this quiz can help you better understand yourself, your actions, and your emotions, but it is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Please call us at 919-428-2766 if you'd like to discuss the quiz, your results, or your options.

Teens are known for their moodiness. If your teenager’s moods seem excessive, or outbursts feel out of control lately, you should:
For the past month or so, your teen’s sadness, withdrawal, low self-esteem, and irritation point toward depression. Most teens experience this. Your child will bounce back eventually.
Teen-cutting or self-harm is a relatively harmless teenage phase. If your teen cuts you should:
Teens are particularly interested in peer relationships. Your teen seems to have withdrawn from family and his or her usual friends, in favor of a new group you’ve never met before. What does this mean?
You understand that teen suicide is a terrible tragedy, but just because your teen mentions thinking about it doesn’t require action, does it?

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