Welcome to the quiz: Am I at Risk for Emotional Burnout?

Please note that this quiz can help you better understand yourself, your actions, and your emotions, but it is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Please call us at 919-428-2766 if you'd like to discuss the quiz, your results, or your options.

You are bone-tired. Exhausted. Completely fried. And going to bed doesn’t help.
Your kids keep back-talking you. Your spouse keeps demanding you do more around the house. Your boss expects you to pick up the shifts left by a less conscientious co-worker. You spend most of the day and night angrily talking to them in your head, or snapping at them unpredictably. Should you:
You’re done. You don’t answer the phone or return texts because you know it’s one more person who wants something from you. You have nothing left to give.
Your work is very important. Your boss made you responsible to get it done fast. Your family is counting on you. Your income cannot dip this year at all. Your goals must be met. Everything is riding on your success, but the burdens are wearing you down. Should you:
Your loved ones are worried about your tendency toward excess. They don’t invite you out for drinks anymore. Your partner noticed the extra servings and late night snacks you’ve been eating. No matter how much you drink or eat, you feel like you need more.

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