What are the benefits of an ADHD or Learning Disability evaluation?

Daily life can be difficult for those struggling to be productive at work, school, or home. And, for parents, watching your child consistently miss developmental markers or fall behind in school can be frustrating and confusing. Dealing with these issues can feel even more challenging when you don’t understand why you or your child are struggling or what can be done to help. If you know or suspect that you or your child have learning or attention difficulties, we can help.

At Orenstein Solutions, we conduct psychological evaluations and assessments and psycho-educational testing to:

Our ADHD and Learning Disability evaluations and assessments meet the state requirements for requesting specialized accommodations in public schools as well as college accommodations. We will provide you with feedback regarding your child’s learning style and specific areas of strength and weakness. We can also offer suggestions for school accommodations, treatment options, and additional community resources that you may find helpful.

We make the evaluation process efficient and informative.

Our ADHD and Learning Disability evaluation process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending on the scope of the testing and your specific needs. In addition to formal testing, we will conduct a holistic assessment. Looking at the “whole picture” of you or your child helps to determine if there are any psychological, medical or lifestyle factors that need to be addressed. We will assess strengths, weakness and patterns within the context of the work or school environment. We will then provide you with test results, treatment options (if needed), and concrete tools to help you or your child become more successful. We often collaborate with teachers and schools to implement practical success strategies for your child.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I’m afraid that an evaluation will lead to a diagnosis, which will lead to a label.

Being concerned about labels is common and understandable. We recognize that labels, when misapplied or misunderstood, can negatively impact one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s important to note that a professional diagnosis also has many benefits. An assessment and diagnosis can help provide understanding, inform treatment, and allow for school accommodations. Rather than being self-limiting, this information can help you or your child pursue treatment options and educational support that will enhance learning foster productivity.

I’m worried that these services will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. I’m not sure it’s worthwhile.

While testing can sometimes be expensive, it can also be a worthwhile investment in your wellbeing or that of your child. By investing in academic and emotional wellbeing now, you are creating the opportunity for you or your child to be more successful.

Our psychologists will provide an accurate diagnosis based on state of the art testing measures in the field of psycho-educational assessment. They will provide you with a live feedback session to explain the written ADHD evaluation report and give you practical recommendations to help you create a home, school or work environment that plays to your strengths.

We will only test for what is relevant and provide you with information that is useful for at least a few years. ADHD and Learning Disability evaluations and assessments can help you or your child obtain access to special testing, school or county accommodations and services that may not be available otherwise. You will also be provided with information and costs for testing, and can ask the Orenstein Solutions team about what the trajectory for treatment (if it’s recommended) looks like in your specific case.

How do I know if my child or I really need an assessment, evaluation or testing?

That is a great question and one that we can help you answer. We can meet with you, answer any questions you have, and get an idea of your specific needs and concerns. We can also give you practical information that can help you make an empowered and informed decision about the best way to proceed.

We provide services in the Durham-Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area as well as in the Fayetteville area. We invite you to call us for a 15-minute free consultation to discuss any questions and concerns you may have about ADHD and Learning Disability evaluations and assessments, or other testing services.


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