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Struggling to feel and function well or watching your child experience emotional or behavioral difficulties can be painful. The experience can become even more frustrating when you don’t understand what is going on or how to make things better. Many people suffer from symptoms that may indicate a biochemical imbalance, making it tough for an untrained person to determine if the symptoms are situational and will go away on their own or if something deeper is going on.

Thankfully, Orenstein Solutions’ experienced, board-certified psychiatrist can make these determinations and offer solutions, including the possibility for a medication prescription, to help you or your child feel better and be more productive.

Deciding if you or your child need a psychiatric consultation:

The truth is that everyone has problems and issues that come at various times and in varying degrees. We sometimes joke that normal is a setting on a washing machine and not a term that should be used to describe the human condition.

As children develop and adults move into new aspects of their lives, feelings and behaviors may shift and challenges can emerge. Sometimes challenges can be situational and temporary, and sometimes challenges are an indication that neurochemicals within the body may be out of balance. Consulting with our board-certified psychiatrist may be helpful if:

Orenstein Solutions can provide you with the support you need:

If you or your child are experiencing ongoing difficulties managing your mood, sleep, energy or concentration, you may have an undiagnosed condition such as ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD or an anxiety disorder. If so, we can help. Our team of highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists can work with you to determine what is really going on and offer solutions to help you or your child feel and function better.

Our Psychiatrist’s Approach

Our board-certified psychiatrist will provide a holistic assessment to determine if there is a need for therapy and lifestyle or environmental changes (diet, exercise, sleep, hormones, medical issues), and if there is a role for medication. You’ll then be provided with support, information and options so you can make an informed decision about treatment.

If it’s determined that you or your child are experiencing a biological imbalance, the upside is that there are many options for treatment. Mental health studies have found that psychiatric medication is often effective in alleviating symptoms, particularly when combined with psychotherapy. If medication is recommended, our supportive and collaborative team will work in partnership with you to find the best medication for you. We will monitor dosage and potential side effects, and carefully adjust any medication to you or your child’s specific needs.

Orenstein Solutions’ integrated mental health team can offer you and your family compassionate support and practical options. We base our treatment recommendations on data from the most current scientific studies, while also taking into account your specific symptoms and needs. Our goal is to help you or your child feel more engaged, productive, confident and successful in your everyday life.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I’m afraid that a diagnosis could mean medication for the rest of my or my child’s life.

We recognize that life’s circumstances change and that your need for medication may change over time. We also understand that children are a special population to work with because, as they grow, their brains constantly progress, adapt and evolve. Our psychiatrist believes in the importance of being attuned to patients and monitoring and re-evaluating symptoms and circumstances in order to make necessary changes. Oftentimes, medication is a temporary tool to help mitigate symptoms while you or your child work with a therapist on core issues.

Our psychiatrist can help you determine a treatment plan that works with your child’s age and stage.  It is possible that medication could be a temporary solution for your child. Medication may relieve enough symptoms for him or her to avoid falling behind in school and to actively participating in counseling. For many children, once the root of their difficulties are addressed and a foundation for academic social and emotional success is built, medication can be gradually discontinued.  For other children, a medication maintenance plan will be recommended. Our psychiatrist will discuss options with you to help you make an informed decision about your child’s treatment.

Ultimately, the decision to try and/or stay on medication is yours. Our job is to provide you with the information and support needed for you to make the best treatment decisions for you or your child.

I’m worried that these psychiatric services will be time consuming and expensive. I’m not sure it’s worthwhile.

Therapy and psychiatric services are an investment in the wellbeing of you or your child. By investing in mental and emotional health now, you are not only creating the opportunity to feel and function better, but you are also getting the help, support and strategies needed to maintain that wellbeing.  You will be provided with information and options for treatment and can ask your psychiatrist what the trajectory for treatment looks like in your specific case so you can understand the costs from the beginning.

I’m afraid that medication will change my personality or just sedate my child, turning us into “zombies.”

The goal of medication is not to make you or your child feel numb. And, given how closely medications are monitored, it’s rare that an emotional numbness or dramatic personality change would occur. Rather, medication can minimize the symptoms that are keeping you or your child from feeling or functioning well. When used correctly, medication can help you or your child stabilize your mood, focus your attention, and build on your strengths. It’s important to remember that medication is only one tool in a toolbox of treatment options. Our clinicians are happy to help you explore additional options that often provide relief (including individual and family counseling, holistic remedies, and lifestyle changes).

Kate JohnsonKate Johnson, MD

Dr. Kate Johnson believes is taking a holistic and team approach to medication management, integrating medications with behavioral interventions, counseling and complimentary health approaches, when appropriate.

SPECIALTY AREAS: Child Psychiatry, Teen Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry in treating Anxiety and Depression, Perinatal Mood Disorders (Post-Partum Depression), ADHD, Trauma and Attachment Disorders.

We invite you to call us for a 15-minute free consultation to discuss any questions and concerns you may have about medication and other psychiatric services.


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