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The College Companion E-Book Series

college companionThe College Companion: Your Survival Guide to College Life is a result of Dr. Susan Orenstein’s work with high school and college students and their families. Over 200 pages of vital information for college students. This comprehensive guide helps college students:

  • Achieve Academic Success
  • Meet the Challenges of Living on Your Own
  • Manage Your Time and Money
  • Develop Healthy Relationships
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls
  • Get Organized

Includes guides, worksheets, tips and practical strategies for promoting success in college.
A great gift for college bound students.

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What Folks Are Saying about The College Companion (“The Ultimate Organizer”)

“Used diligently, this planner will help your student stay organized for his or her classes and extra-curricular activities . Even if you suspect your child will take notes on the back of a pizza box instead of in a binder, this resource gives your college-bound student a scope of what to expect and how to be prepared.” — Carolina Parent Magazine

“The Ultimate Organizer is right on the money; very comprehensive; really would give students a sense of what they’ll experience when going to college; with concrete suggestions regarding scheduling time and reaching out (whether it’s to a friend or a professor). I would certainly recommend it to students going on to college.” — Russell Colver, Academic Consultant and Coach, Duke University

“I found out that I can be better organized by writing assignments, appointments, things of that nature in my organizer. It enables me to be prepare when I have deadlines for tests or what not. I also found out strategies for managing my time better. Dr. Orenstein offered alot of information that I was looking for, gave me confidence and showed me that I can be successful but I have to work at it.” –J. W. Greensboro College

“My Mom gave me your “Ultimate Organizer” as a gift before I leave for school. I’m writing to tell you how impressed I am by your organizer. I’ve seen my fair share of products targeted at the college-bound student audience, but I’ve never seen such a comprehensive and interesting book. I can’t even imagine the amount of research, time, effort, and heart that went in to creating such a unique project, but I want to let you know that it was well worth it because I can’t imagine that the other owners of this manual had reactions any less than mine. I’ve already started to fill it with important dates and numbers, and I’m hoping to finish reading it on the plane ride to the Airport tomorrow.” –Allison R.


College Companion – Section 1 – Off To A Great Start

College Companion – Section 2 – College Life

College Companion – Section 3 – Staying Connected

Overcoming the Procrastination Trap Tele-Seminar Series

Tele-seminar #1: What is procrastination and why do we do it?

In this tele-seminar, psychologist Susan Orenstein and professional organizer, Geralin Thomas (frequently seen on A&E Hoarders) will help you recognize the behavioral, emotional and interpersonal aspects of procrastination. You’ll learn common reasons we delay taking care of our relationships and organizing our space. Take your first step in overcoming this habit by discovering what’s been getting in your way.


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