Orenstein Solutions is a group counseling practice located in the Triangle, serving families in Cary, Durham and Raleigh NC since 2005.  Psychologist, Susan Orenstein founded Orenstein Solutions to meet the emotional needs of children, adults and their families.  At Orenstein Solutions, the clinicians provide comprehensive mental health services, including medication management, individual and family counseling, ADHD treatment and psychological evaluations.

At Orenstein Solutions, our caring and experienced psychologists offer consultations and counseling to address your emotional health and relationship concerns.  If you’re struggling with your mood, overwhelming stress, compulsive behaviors, or relationship issues, we can help.  We get to know you and help you discover creative solutions so you can feel and function at your best.  In addition to individual and family counseling, we offer psychological testing and psychiatric services, so you can receive holistic, coordinated care all under one roof.

The office at Orenstein Solutions is located in a convenient area in Cary, NC, very close to the RTP, Apex, Morrisville, Durham and Raleigh communities. There is very convenient parking and handicap-accessible parking as well.  We have office hours during the week-day, evenings and Saturdays.  Our friendly scheduling coordinator, Sarah,  will be glad to answer any of your questions, tells you more about our services, and schedule your counseling appointment.

Our offices are decorated with your comfort in mind, creating a soothing, pleasant atmosphere.  We provide K-cup coffee and Tazo tea, glutten-free snacks and of course, on those special days, we keep dark chocolate in rich supply. The reception area at Orenstein Solutions offers free WIFI and a variety of magazines so when parents are waiting for their children or teens, they have the option of relaxing or plugging into their computer or iPad.  We also have a child’s play space, with a miniature table, coloring books and crayons, and other toys for children to enjoy.  The psychologists and our psychiatrist at Orenstein Solutions have very comfortable consultation offices, well-decorated  and comfortable so you’ll feel right at home.  The individual offices are sound-proof as well, to ensure your privacy and comfort.



Our experienced child psychologists provide comprehensive counseling and testing services for preschool children, school age children and adolescents.  At Orenstein Solutions, we understand that if your child is suffering, the whole family suffers.  We make sure to support parents every step of the way, while also providing individual treatment for your child.  Our clinicians help children and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, irritability and stress, oppositional behavior, substance abuse, adjustment issues (e.g., parents’ divorce or new school), ADHD and other learning difficulties.

We begin by providing an evaluation to determine the underlying causes of your child or teen’s difficulties.  Sometimes we may recommend addition psychological testing to determine the presence of an attentional difficulty (ADHD) or learning disability.  We also have a child psychiatrist available for consultation to explore whether medication might be another option for your child or teen’s treatment.  We know each child or teen is unique so we are dedicated to getting to know your child and your family, to help offer the treatment options that work for you.

Our child psychologists have experience working with very young children and their parents.  We offer a play space in our waiting room, and also offer play therapy as a treatment modality.  Our child therapists know how to speak a child’s language through the world of play and imagination.  Our therapists provide a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere where your child can learn effective ways to manage his or her emotions and gain control over his or her behavior.

We will also guide you as a parent, helping you set limits and reduce your own stress, so you can feel more relaxed and confident as a parent.  Our goal is to help the children in our practice become more cooperative, self-confidence and well-adjusted at play, at school and at home.  We support you as a parent every step of the way, helping you replace family chaos and conflict with clarity and confidence.  Click here to learn more about our child counseling services in Cary and Raleigh, NC



Our psychology practice also specializes in the treatment of child and adult depression.  Don’t suffer another day.  If you’re feeling blue, have difficulty motivating yourself, and trouble finding enjoyment in your daily life, we can help.  At Orenstein Solutions, we have caring, experienced psychologists who provide counseling to help you feel better and function at your best.  We also have a psychiatrist on our team if you’d like to consider medication as an option in your care.

Our therapists offer supportive effective counseling for depression to help you improve your mood.  We draw on evidence-based treatment, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, so not only will you feel better but you will gain the tools you need to feel energized, hopeful and happy.  Our psychologists also are guided by the research, showing that children, teens and adults exhibit depression in different ways.  Our child and teen specialists are trained in how to address child depression and teen depression, by first establishing a connection with your child or teen and then offering them concepts and skills that fit their developmental stage.  The children and teens can apply their new skills right away, so they are active in the treatment process.  Our approach to helping children, teens and adults with depression is to empower our client; to teach him or her how to manage their mood and to gain confidence in the process.  Learn more about our how our therapists help with depression.



MARRIAGE COUNSELING in Cary, NC, conveniently located for couples in Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC and the Triangle area.
Are you and your partner growing apart?  Having a hard time understanding each other?  Arguing constantly or even worse, starting to avoid each other?  We’d like to help.  Our services include couples counseling, marital counseling, and individual counseling (for divorce recovery and other relationship issues).  Our couples therapists can help you and your partner re-connect so you can be loving teammates again.  Our couples therapists are active in the couples counseling sessions, offering feedback, teaching and coaching communication skills, and offering you new perspectives to help you change past destructive patterns.  In our marriage counseling and couples counseling sessions, we provide you the essential skills for communicating, resolving conflict, and building a loving, joyful life together. Learn more about our services for couples.

In marriage counseling, our therapists will help you improve your communication style while building warmth and intimacy.   Along the way, we’ll make sure you have a “relationship road map,”  so you can become experts on your relationship.  Our marriage therapists love to work with lots of different couples including those newly married, same-sex partners, remarried couples, new parents. Couples come to our office with a variety of issues, ranging from wanting a “tune up” to needing help navigating through some very challenging situations (e.g., infidelity, special needs children, substance abuse, ADHD).  Learn more about our marriage-friendly approach to couples counseling.

Feeling frustrated? Confused?  Dissatisfied with your relationship? We offer expert counseling so you can spend less time arguing and more time loving. Learn about our approach to working with couples.  Issues we address include:

Our couples therapy includes treatment for infidelity and affair recovery.  We recognize that this issue can be extremely painful and sensitive to address, so we offer compassion and support, helping both partners engage in a process of learning, forgiveness and repair.  Our couples therapists understand that the relationship will never be the same, yet, affair recover work can offer a new relationship, and an opportunity to re-connect and even thrive.  In couples counseling, sensitive issues can be discussed including infidelity, sexual issues, parenting, money issues, betrayal, finances, in-laws and even golf.  Our couples counselors our experienced mediators and relationship experts, helping facilitate constructive, caring conversations to address you and your partner’s needs.



At Orenstein Solutions, we are also proud to offer the Triangle ADHD Center, where children and adults receive ADHD counseling in Cary, NC, with comprehensive treatment to address ADHD.  Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not a one size fit all disorder.  There are many ways that ADHD manifests itself, including difficulty with attention and concentration, hyper focusing, distractibility, relationship difficulties, problems managing one’s mood and impulses, and sometimes accompanying compulsive behaviors including substance abuse, sexual compulsivity, overeating, and internet addiction.

Many children, teens and adults with ADHD are inaccurately diagnosed with another disorder or are under diagnosed; either way they are not receiving the correct diagnosis and thus also likely to not be receiving optimal treatment.  Our psychologists are experienced in psychological evaluations to assess ADHD, learning disabilities, giftedness, autism spectrum disorders, and other psychological difficulties that might mimic or relate to ADHD.  Our psychologists offer comprehensive psychological testing to help you receive an accurate diagnosis.  After the testing, we offer a feedback session where you will receive information about your diagnosis along with practical recommendations, including mental health treatment options and resources.

Our ADHD team will help you address your ADHD in a holistic manner.  Our psychologists offer individual coaching/counseling for children, teens and adults with ADHD.

In these counseling sessions, our ADHD therapists will help you address emotional concerns and stress related to having ADHD.  In addition, our psychologists will provide organizational skills and communication skills you can implement right away.  Often, in learning any new skill, practice and coaching are essential.  Our therapists will work with you to develop and use these organizational and communication skills.

In addition, our ADHD team includes our psychiatrist, Dr. Kate Johnson, who offers evaluations and medication as part of the ADHD treatment for children, teens and adults with ADHD.  Medications are helpful for many children, teens and adults with ADHD.  Our psychiatrist can offer you a consultation to determine if medication might be a viable option for your ADHD treatment.

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