If you and your partner are struggling to communicate and connect, LGBTQ couples counseling can help you resolve conflicts effectively and build a secure and intimate relationship.

LGBT Couples Counseling

Do You And Your Partner Want To Reclaim Intimacy, Affection And Trust?

  • Are you and your partner struggling to communicate with kindness, respect and ease?
  • Do you feel misunderstood, lonely, frustrated or even numb to your emotions?
  • Have issues concerning fidelity, intimacy, parenting, values, trust or jealousy arisen between you, causing one or both of you to feel disconnected or angry? Perhaps you’re having the same argument over and over without coming to any kind of resolution. Or, maybe you’ve started avoiding certain conversations or even each other in an attempt to hold off conflict.
  • Are you struggling with issues specific to the LGBTQ community, such as defining and explaining your roles and relationship, differences in parenting and family ideals or public visibility?
  • Do you often feel afraid to be vulnerable with your partner and really share what’s going on inside you on a deep level?
  • Do you want to feel appreciated, supported and able to be completely yourself in your relationship?

It can be a frustrating, lonely and even seemingly helpless experience when we find ourselves out of sync with our partner. Perhaps it seems as though you’re giving more than you’re getting in the relationship, causing you to feel undervalued and lonely. Or maybe an affair or another breach in trust has threatened the security of your relationship. You may be confiding in friends or family members rather than each other, and maybe you’ve stopped putting each other first.

Are you wondering what happened to the spark that initially drew you together and questioning if it’s possible to connect with love and respect again?

You Are Not Alone

All couples bump up against challenges at one point or another in their relationship. And, LGBTQ couples not only have to manage the same issues as heterosexual couples, but often also face another layer of challenges. Issues such as coming out, acceptance, public visibility, parenting, backgrounds, values and others can create and compound stress and disconnection.

Furthermore, few of us were raised witnessing healthy relationship role models, and even fewer saw examples of same sex relationships in our families or the world around us. While same sex couples today are, in a sense, trailblazers—which can feel creative, exciting and innovative—the lack of scripts to follow can also feel frustrating and confusing.

While most, if not all, couples could benefit from couples counseling, sometimes the help, support and guidance of a couples therapist is imperative to restoring the health of a relationship. If you and your partner are struggling to communicate and connect, LGBT couples counseling can help you cultivate openness, compassion and trust.

LGBT Couples Counseling Can Provide You With Tips, Tools, Insight, Guidance And Relief

In nonjudgmental LGBTQ couples counseling sessions, you and your partner will have a safe space to become more attuned to each other. You can identify your commitment, express needs and expectations clearly, and begin cultivating a relationship based in open communication, love and trust.

I can help you and your partner learn how to be a healthy couple and begin making informed and thoughtful decisions about the kind of relationship you want to co-create. In sessions, you can learn how to better read each other, listen more attentively and pick up on each other’s cues and signals. If infidelity or betrayal has shaken intimacy and trust, you can learn a process for repair and forgiveness. Rather than talking around things or avoiding conversations all together, you can develop the skills needed to say what you mean in tactful, honest and effective ways. You can begin making agreements that serve you both and realize that it’s not about one partner winning or losing. Rather, it’s about finding solutions that are good for both of you.

As you get to the heart of your issues and share openly in sessions, you can begin to cultivate empathy and build trust. I can help you identify your strengths, which can remind you of what that initially drew you together and how possible it is for you to work in tandem as an effective team. You can learn what makes each of you feel pleasure, safety and security, which can help you protect your relationship and increase intimacy.

I’ve been a couples therapist since 1998 and have seen countless couples work through their issues and come out of therapy stronger than ever. Sessions are safe, confidential and often very meaningful. With a willingness to engage in the therapy process, it is possible for you and your partner to learn how to take care of each other, put each other first and create your own set of relationship rules. You can create and enjoy true intimacy, resolve conflicts effectively and build a strong, secure and intimate relationship.

Although you may see the benefit in LGBT couples counseling, you still may have questions or concerns…

I’m afraid that in therapy we’ll learn that we shouldn’t be together.

It’s likely that this is just a fear and that, if you’re both committed to the LGBTQ couples counseling process, you can get your relationship back on track. But, if this fear is in fact a reality, avoiding the truth will only prolong the pain. In sessions, I can help you and your partner decide if you both really want to make your relationship work. If not, I can help you part ways amicably.

We’re looking for a couples therapist who identifies and/or is familiar with the LGBTQ community.

I have experience working with all kinds of couples, including LGBTQ couples. I have been helping couples rebuild their relationships since 1998 and use a model that is designed to help two committed partners develop a relationship based on sensitivity and fairness, which is highly effective regardless of sexual preference or orientation.

I’m struggling to talk about certain issues. I’m not sure that I could share my feelings with my partner or even a therapist in sessions.

My role as your therapist is to help you and your partner learn how to effectively and thoughtfully talk to each other. I truly believe that the strongest relationships are based in openness, honesty and vulnerability. Learning how to talk to your partner about your deepest feelings, needs and desires is key. What’s important to me is that you and your partner learn how to develop a relationship that provides you both with love, safety and joy.



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