Welcome to the quiz: Does My Child Need Counseling?

Please note that this quiz can help you better understand yourself, your actions, and your emotions, but it is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Please call us at 919-428-2766 if you'd like to discuss the quiz, your results, or your options.

You notice your first-grader wants to be picked up, sleep in your bed, and has even started wetting the bed. Should you:
Your child cries a lot, and often says she can’t stop or can’t help it. No matter how you try to soothe her, as time goes on, she cries harder and longer. Should you:
You know your child is holding a lot inside since the divorce. You ask him to share his feelings, but he won’t or can’t tell you. Do you:
Sometimes kids in pain feel responsible for other people’s feelings. They don’t want to be a problem or hurt your feelings despite their own anger, sadness, or confusion. How do you help?

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