This simple Thanksgiving treasure hunt will help you find gratitude, whether you dread or welcome the holiday. Though many of us may be stressed, grieving the loss of a loved one, or burdened by difficult family dynamics, there’s usually at least one thing we can find in our environment worth appreciating.

So, this Thanksgiving, try searching for these simple treasures:

Thanksgiving Gratitude Treasure Hunt

1. Something Warm. 

This could be a cozy blanket on your cousin’s couch, a crackling fire, or a friend/family member’s embrace.

2. Something Sweet. 

The typical Thanksgiving menu makes this one fairly simple. Perhaps your Aunt Karen is annoying, but seriously, how good is her pumpkin pie?

3. Something Serene. 

In the chaos that can surround a holiday gathering, look for moments of peace. Glance out the window and notice the last of the leaves gently falling to the ground, or admire a family pet snoozing in the sun.

4. Your Heartbeat. 

When all else fails, check your pulse and thank your heart as it sustains you not only through life’s seasons of joy, but periods of struggle as well. You’re surviving and that’s worth noting.