Find Meaning in LifeLive your dream, reach your ultimate goal, do the impossible—these are ways you’re often instructed to find meaning in life, right?

Except that they’re not entirely on target.

Sure, living your dream is an epic adventure and most people would love to have their day in the sun.

Though when dream chasers like Kate Spade commit suicide, it makes you think twice about the validity of pursuing your dreams. Even after she supposedly found her pot of gold, she still chose suicide.

So, what exactly is the point? How do you really find meaning in life?

First, know that it most certainly is possible.

Tip Your Hat to Depression

Kate Spade admitted to battling depression for nearly a half of a decade. But serious mental conditions aren’t the only reason some can’t find meaning in life. It’s not always the big events in life that bog you down. Rather, it can be the little nuances of life not working out.

Furthermore, it’s only natural to want to safeguard your own mental health. And it’s normal to feel insecure or afraid that you can’t control your future. These emotions are all part of the human experience.

To build mental reliance against negative thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them. Though it may not be comfortable at first, get them out from under the rug and pay attention to these feelings.

Don’t Throw Your Eggs in One Basket

Pursuing your life’s dream is one thing, but banking on perfect happiness once you achieve that goal is setting yourself up for failure. Contrary to what many people say and believe, making your dreams come true doesn’t always help you find meaning in life.

Even celebrities have expressed how money and fame just don’t cut it. Some of the wealthiest and most achieved people in the world live unhappy lives. Still, many people hold out for that one big dream, refusing to find happiness in anything else.

In life, it really is the journey that makes the difference. Instead of focusing solely on the bullseye, remember the path the arrow took to get there. And find meaning in life on that path.

Strengthen Your Circle

When faced with challenges in life, some find comfort in substances. Others run to get the latest and greatest pill from their doctor. Sadly, neither of these options are a viable way to find meaning in life. They’re only a temporary fix and often exacerbate the problem.

Rather, form meaningful relationships with trusted individuals around you. You don’t necessarily need an entourage of supporters, but instead, develop the relationships you currently have.

Also, it’s important to talk to a licensed therapist who can help you validate complicated feelings and sort through them to embrace a healthier and more hopeful mindset. They can teach you strategies for dealing with depression and negative thoughts.

Commit to Authenticity 

In dealing with depression or negative feelings in general, it can be hard to open up to others. Finding hope and satisfaction in life is hard when you’re constantly faced with a barrage of negativity.

And you are. The media makes sure of that.

Committing to authenticity means that you’ve made the decision to open up and express vulnerability to a trusted friend or therapist. And that this line of communication is open indefinitely. You’re not going to hide behind the “I’m okay” mask.

This doesn’t mean that you’re mentally unhealthy or weak. Quite the contrary, actually. It takes a great deal of mental strength to be authentic. But in authenticity also comes a natural sense of reliance.

If you’d like to get guidance and support for your depression, please contact our practice.  We can help you move beyond your fears and insecurities so you can find meaning and joy again.

If you’re experiencing a crisis, please visit our Triangle Area Crisis Resources page. Learn more about Depression Treatment.

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