New Year’s: A Time for Reflection and Resolution

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New Year's Reflections and ResolutionsThe Scottish song Auld Lang Syne has become the musical score to New Year’s celebrations around the world. Meaning “times gone by” or “old time’s sake,” the tune evokes a sense of reflective nostalgia. It reminds us to not only look ahead to the new year, but to reminisce on the past year’s experiences, especially fond ones with family and friends.

Ever since our kids were in elementary school, we’ve tried to embrace the call for reflection and resolution with a simple New Year’s tradition. After dinner, my husband scrambles to format and print a memory handout. This interactive worksheet helps us think about our feel-good memories from the year and our goals for the future. We include categories such as:

-Favorite movies, books, teachers, etc.
-Best experience (could be a vacation, holiday, meal, etc.)
-A personal success or accomplishment
-Gratitude for someone or something that year

After filling out our individual sheets, we go around reading our responses, sharing and reminding each other of the “times gone by.” In recollecting of the past, we’re also able to consider what we’d like to continue or adjust in the coming year.

Click here for a printable version of our New Year’s Reflections & Resolutions Worksheet.

Inspirational Movies 

And, in the spirit of looking back upon this year’s superlatives, here’s my list of favorite movies to inspire you. In this selection, you’ll see strong relationships, characterized by teamwork, sacrifice, compassion, trust, and putting the relationship first.

  • Lars and the Real Girl–how a community fosters a young man’s healing in a very unconventional way
  • The African Queen–a classic with Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, how an unlikely pair fall in love and join forces to overcome adversity
  • Temple Grandin–how a young woman’s love for animals helps her find fulfillment
  • Little Miss Sunshine — a quirky family that develops strong ties while traveling across the country to a “little miss sunshine” pageant.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life–the story of an ambitious, small town boy with big dreams, who struggles with conflicting loyalties
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