Couples Halloween CostumesIt’s no surprise that as a relationship therapist, I’m partial to love and language (and of course Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages).  So when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, I’m all about couples Halloween costumes, especially those with a creative play on words.

Since my PACT training with Stan Tatkin, a renowned relationship expert, I’ve become a big proponent of helping couples create what he calls a “couple bubble”— a safe space in which both partners feel cherished, secure and supported by the other. When couples build and nurture their “couple bubble,” they experience deeper affection and joy. Couples Halloween costumes are kind of a caricature of the “couple bubble.” You and your partner come together, get imaginative, and present yourselves as a team— “partners in crime.”

If you haven’t already nailed down your Halloween costume, consider teaming up with your partner– it’s a fun way to let loose and connect with each other. Below you’ll find a list of couples costume ideas, based on popular love phrases, from our very creative office manager, Sarah Maxey. They’re clever, can be achieved inexpensively, and are suitable for all relationship orientations.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes

  • Seal with a kiss. One partner dresses as a seal (or Seal, the singer), the other a chocolate kiss.
  • I love you. One partner dresses as an olive, the other as a ewe.
  • Key to my heart. One partner dresses as a key, the other a heart.
  • The apple of my eye. One partner dresses as an apple, the other an eye.
  • #1 Fans– Both partners wear jerseys or cheer uniforms featuring the other’s name.
  • Happy pair. Both partners dress as pear fruits.
  • Heart beat. One partner dresses as a heart, the other as a red beet.
  • Head over heels. The taller partner highlights his or her head, the shorter partner represents “heels”— either the shoe kind or the UNC Tarheels kind!
  • Kiss and makeup. One partner dresses as a chocolate kiss, the other wears heavy makeup.
  • Match made in heaven. One partner dresses as a match, the other as an angel.

We hope you and your significant other have fun coming up with something playful to wear together this Halloween. If you’d like suggestions on how to construct one of the couples Halloween costumes above, please contact Sarah.

Did this post spark your creative juices? We’d love to hear any ideas you have!


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