Orenstein Solutions - Cary, NCThere’s no doubt that depression can damage relationships; when one partner is depressed, the other partner can be easily pulled into the cycle of disconnection- and shared joy and intimacy can quickly disintegrate. If you suspect that something is off with your partner, he or she may be silently struggling with depression. Depression affects millions of Americans, and therefore millions of relationships, but can often go unacknowledged and/or untreated.

Dr. Susan Orenstein contributed her knowledge and expertise regarding the role of depression in relationships to PsychCentral’s article, “Is Your Partner Depressed.” In the piece, Dr. Susan Orenstein offers advice on how to decipher your partner’s symptoms, especially the subtle ones that may manifest in unexpected ways. She lays out strategies for helping your partner through depression in compassionate and productive ways so that together, you can work towards better health and a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

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