OS SleepingPicture it: Over a montage of mishaps, a frazzled mom shares her heart’s desire. “I’m going to be the perfect mom. Just like in the movies.”

We see her, disheveled, and worn-out, accidentally sucking “Herman” the hamster into the vacuum. Contritely tugging her daughter’s favorite stuffed bunny, horribly mangled, from the dryer.

We chuckle when, with a car full of birthday balloons, she contemplates a “how to mommy” blog. Then promptly throws the car into drive instead of reverse, ramming right into a concrete light pole.

The latest Allstate Insurance commercial is funny because we can all relate. We want to pack so much into our days. We want the people in our lives to value us and admire us.

We try to do it all. But we have to make time to fit it all in. So what gets edged out? Enough Sleep.

The commercial mom dutifully creates the life she imagines for her daughter, she’s just too tired and distracted to execute any of it well. When she finally rams her SUV into the parking lot light pole, earning her Allstate’s “accident forgiveness,” she gets out of the car, exhausted and bedraggled, for a full-out meltdown.

We’ve heard it time and time again. Getting enough sleep matters.

Why is sleep such a big deal?

So. What’s the right way to go about this?

Something as simple as a bedtime routine could change your life. A key part of getting the best sleep possible is to recognize the importance of winding down. To do this well, try the following strategies:

1. Create an optimal sleep environment. To sleep well so that you can get enough sleep, teach yourself to see your bed as a place for sleep, not distracting texts, paperwork, web-surfing, TV, etc..

When it’s time for sleep, incorporate the following:

2. Physically: Practice good “sleep hygiene.” According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep hygiene is the set of practices “necessary to have normal, quality nighttime sleep and full daytime alertness.” Consider the following:

3. Mentally: Leave your worries outside the bedroom door. Dial down racing thoughts and let your thoughts drift away. Here are a few ways to put your mind at ease:

Remember that commercial with the frazzled mom? The insurance company titled it an “Off Day” and encouraged us to put ourselves in their good hands. Instead, take your health and well being in your own hands.Turn off the light. Get some sleep.

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