Keep Your Love Alive This Year

The beginning of a new year is not only a good time for individual improvement but for a relationship renovation as well. Dr. Susan Orenstein recently spoke with Scott Blair of Stay Happily Married about how you can keep your love alive this year.

In the podcast, Dr. Orenstein says that after a few years of a new relationship, the chemically induced “honeymoon phase” fades. Passion requires a bit more of a push and when partners are busy with kids, work and other life obligations, working on the marriage may not even make the to-do list. Unfortunately, when fun and excitement leaves a relationship, partners may seek that arousal elsewhere through friends, hobbies, or even an affair.

To avoid the lulls of a relationship that can ultimately lead to distance and dissatisfaction, Dr. Orenstein says you “have to do things to make fun happen.” She recommends that to keep your love alive this year, and for many years to come, you need to make love a habit, just as you do brushing your teeth or feeding the dog. In the interview she offers advice on how to nurture your relationship both on a macro level and also on a daily, micro level.

For Dr. Orenstein’s specific suggestions on how to spark excitement and keep your love alive this year, listen to the full podcast here (transcript is also available at that link). 

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Dr. Susan Orenstein specializes in relationship and couples issues, offering counseling to those who feel frustrated, hurt or misunderstood in their relationship. She regularly contributes to Stay Happily Married, a relationship resource provided by Rosen Law Firm of North Carolina. 

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