Most five year olds will be entering Kindergarten this Fall, while four year olds will be entering their last year of pre-school.  Seems simple enough, right?  But what if your child just misses the Kindergarten cut off by just a few weeks or even a few days?  Do you want your child to push ahead, joining slightly older peers or would your child benefit from another year of pre-school?

Is your child eligible for early Kindergarten entry? And is it a good idea?  Spring is the time when our phones start ringing from parents inquiring about early Kindergarten entry evaluations for their pre-schoolers.  Our child psychologists can help you think through this big step by offering a consultation and assessment to determine if your child is ready academically and emotionally to begin Kindergarten.  We’ll be highlighting this assessment in March, and posing specific questions to our psychologist Dr. Lyana Nechyba.  Contact us today to speak to Dr. Nechyba or email your questions to


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DEC 1, 2021

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