There’s a big difference in a marriage between managing and expressing anger, and letting your anger manage you. When the latter happens, you are in danger of hurting someone you truly and lovingly care about. Try these very simple techniques to put yourself in control of your emotions:

Each of these methods is critical, so bring all of them into your nuptial toolbox as you deal with the frustrations and irritations everyone experiences in a marriage. Know that seeking help can be a huge difference-maker in your marriage. Challenges can be managed.

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  1. Good stuff. Anger is a common for everyone and it is healthy emotion. Although it is healthy, you need to control it. Over anger will always hurts you, others and even your health too. If you don’t control your anger, you may spoil your relationship with your spouse, children and friends. Do meditation, exercises to be cool. Spend some time in nature whenever you get anger. Use laughter therapy to control your anger and rage.

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