What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder characterized by impulsivity, deficits in sustained attention, and hyperactivity.


Children with ADHD have difficulty delaying gratification and often act without thinking. They may interrupt conversations, blurt out answers without being called on, or have trouble waiting their turn. Under stress, children with ADHD may respond emotionally through an outburst or tantrum.


Children with ADHD find it hard to concentrate and are easily distracted or bored. In such situations they may make careless mistakes, daydream, or fail to complete tasks. They may also forget to bring home books, have trouble remembering assignments or misplace things frequently.


Children with ADHD seem to always be on the go. They become especially restless in structured situations such as the classroom and may tap their fingers, fidget, wriggle their legs, rock or leave their seat.

Here are 5 Helpful Tips For Parents:

1) Structure, Structure, Structure!

Children with ADHD function best under consistent and predictable circumstances.

2) Homework Help

3) Reward System

4) Think Positively

5) Take “YOU-time”

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