Dr. Orenstein was recently quoted in a New York Times article on how to deal with office anxiety.

(from the New York Times article)
Q. Despite your best efforts to prepare, you’re having an anxiety attack. What do you do?
A. Start breathing deeply through your nose. Inhale and push air into your belly and up into your chest, then exhale slowly, says Susan Orenstein, a psychologist who treats anxiety and is founder of Orenstein Solutions, a psychotherapy practice in Cary, N.C.
After those deep breaths, talk to yourself. “Say what you might say to a friend who is suffering or a child — soothing things like ‘one step at a time,’” she advises. “It’s also helpful to remind yourself that just because you feel you’re in danger doesn’t mean you actually are in danger. If you can, work with a coach or therapist to craft soothing statements that are more personalized.”

You can read the article, “Learning to Tame Your Office Anxiety” byEilene Zimmerman here.

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