Q: How do I know if PAIRS is right for me?

A: PAIRS is designed for adult men or women of any age, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation who want to learn ways to improve their intimate relationships. PAIRS is also beneficial for counselors and helping professionals who wish to expand their interpersonal effectiveness toolboxes.

Q: What type of couples benefit from the PAIRS program?

A: PAIRS is designed for couples at all stages of their relationship, including dating, engaged, co-habitating, same- sex couples, newlywed, married, re-married, and on the brink of divorce.

Q: What do participants learn in the PAIRS training:

A: The PAIRS program teaches interpersonal skills and self-awareness skills in order to form and sustain a loving, meaningful relationship. In the workshop, you can discover:

Q: Is PAIRS group therapy?

A: No, PAIRS is not group therapy or couples therapy. Couples in the workshop do not delve into their relationship problems or disclose private information with the group. It’s designed more as a seminar on interpersonal skills. The underlying premise to PAIRS is that couples will be able to improve their relationships when they’re given accurate information and practical skills. This program is skills-based, focused on enhancing various personal and interpersonal skills including: self expression, active listening, anger management, conflict resolution, negotiating and problem-solving.

Q: What are the benefits of PAIRS?

A: Learning relationship skills is one way to affair-proof your marriage. Participants of the PAIRS program learn ways to stay attuned and connected to your partner. The majority of affairs take place in an atmosphere of disconnection and detachment. Couples who are able to regularly confide and listen to each other, expressing empathy and support, are more likely to turn towards each other and less likely to seek comfort outside of their relationship.

In addition, many research studies have found that men and women in healthy committed relationships are better off on a wide host of indices, including mental and physical health and financial success. Happily married individuals are less likely to suffer from depression and substance abuse issues, and have children with fewer behavioral and emotional difficulties.

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