The Divorce Process is extremely stressful.  You already knew that.  For some, the divorce experience becomes traumatic.  Managing your emotions during a divorce is extremely difficult, as you may feel a combination of frustration, hurt, resentment and helplessness.  Whether you withdraw, keeping your feelings to yourself, or you lash out and become short-tempered, these behavioral reactions to stressful, difficult times are normal responses.

Anger involves a family of emotions that range from mild irritation to rage, and it is a normal expected emotion that surfaces when dealing with divorce. While the emotion itself can be quite healthy, one’s actions I response to anger can be damaging.  Avoiding conflict and ignoring angry feelings as well as lashing out and fuming, although seemingly opposite reactions, both lead to ineffective communication and difficulty resolving conflict.

Fortunately, there are skills that can be learned during times of stress that ease the divorce process, benefitting not only your emotional and physical health, but your entire family’s well-being.

At Orenstein Solutions, we offer divorce recovery programs to address divorce anger and stress. We teach and coach skills to help you increase your ability to communicate effectively and assertively with your ex, respond thoughtfully rather than react, and feel better about moving forward with your life.  These skills fall under a broad umbrella of stress management and emotional regulation tools.

Option 1:  Individual Divorce Recovery Coaching
Fee:  $125 per session or $800 for a pre-paid package of eight, materials included.
Option 2:  Stress and Anger Management Group Sessions
Fee:  $500.00 for eight weekly group support and feedback, materials included.
Option 3:  Individual Counseling
Psychotherapy to address an array of personal issues.  Fee: $135.00 per session.

Please contact Orenstein Solutions at 428-2766  or email for more information.

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