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Counseling for children, teens and adults

Child Counseling

Live Chat Software Does your child struggle at school, have difficulty making friends, or exhibit challenging behaviors? We offer evaluations, child counseling and medication management so your child can thrive. We also support you as parent to create a happier home life.

Teen Counseling

Is your teen experiencing ongoing stress, sadness or mood swings? Does your teen struggle with school or with peers? Our experienced team offers comprehensive counseling services to promote your teen's emotional development.

Adult Counseling

Are you having difficulty managing your mood? Is it difficult for you to find motivation or pleasure in your life? Are you feeling disconnected? Our experienced team offers counseling and psychiatric services can help.

Couples Counseling

Feeling frustrated, resentful or dissatisfied in your relationship? For over 16 years, relationship expert, Dr. Susan Orenstein has been helping Triangle couples develop secure, loving and intimate relationships.

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